For the past few years, the Colorado Springs housing market has been on an up and down roller coaster; however, there are still enough people interested in buying a new home in Colorado Springs that selling your home quickly is still possible. Have you ever wondered why some Colorado homes for sale have a large number of showings after just one week on the market, and a similar home will sit unnoticed for weeks and sometimes months? While it’s true that price and location are important in the eyes of the home buyer, Colorado homes for sale that move quickly are easy to find. Here are some tips to help you sell your Colorado Springs home quickly:

  1. Choose a Realtor: One of the most important factors to selling your home fast is to get professional help from a qualified Colorado real estate agent. Realtors undergo extensive training on an ongoing process. They have many tools at their disposal to help prepare your home to attract qualified buyers, competitively price your home, and to most importantly market your home to reach as many interested home buyers as possible. Many new home owners in Colorado Springs have relocated from outside of Colorado and sometimes from outside of the US. Your Colorado realtor will market your home on several mediums that will help those relocating families find your home. While you may think you will save money by selling your home on your own, many homes for sale by owner in Colorado Springs stay on the market for many months. Most individuals just do not have the skills necessary to reach enough potential buyers. Your Realtor does not get paid until your home sells, therefore, they have a vested interest in helping you to prepare your home to appeal and reach as many interested home buyers as possible.
  2. List Your Home Online: These days the majority of home buyers first search for their potential new home online. Whether through Colorado MLS listings, social media, or online classified listings, there are hundreds of families looking for a home for sale in Colorado Springs. Having your home listed where potential buyers can find it, gives you a significant advantage over a nearby homeowner who does not recognize the importance of marketing your home online.
  3.  Take High Quality Pictures: If you decide to sell your home on your own. It’s imperative that you take good pictures. You will need at least ten good pictures of your home (inside and out). The majority of home buyers scan pictures of Colorado Springs homes for sale and weed out homes based on what they see from these pictures. A poor quality photo can discredit the potential your home has and dissuade buyers from coming to take a closer look at your home. To convey the best impression of your home to potential home buyers, focus on the best attributes of your home and highlight them in the pictures. Pay careful attention as to which angles and vantage points display your home’s strong points. For example if you have a large foyer, make sure to take pictures that accentuate the size and the light.
  4. Pay Attention To Curb Appeal: Most sellers understand the necessity of de-cluttering and staging the interior of the home, but few recognize the importance of the exterior curb appeal. When a prospective buyer drives by, or walks up to your home for a showing, you want to ensure the outside of your home is not an instant turn-off. Make sure regular upkeep of cutting the grass, raking the leaves, and pulling weeds are executed. Paint touchups and power-washing the outside of your home can really brighten up the look of your home and costs very little. If a potential buyer likes the exterior of your home, they are already in an ideal mindset before they even step inside the home.
  5.  Make Your Home Attractive for Buyers: De-clutter and remove as much from your home as possible. Consider renting a storage unit to house items you don’t use on a regular basis. When potential buyers see a closet stuffed to the brim with closes, shoes and miscellaneous items, they will often think the closet will also be too small for them. Also removing extra pots and pans or small appliances from cluttering up the kitchen cabinets or countertops will go a long way in making your home pleasing to a potential home buyer.

These are just a few common tips to help you sell your home Colorado Springs home quickly. For more detailed information contact our office today and speak to one of our many qualified Realtors who will help you through every step of selling your Colorado Springs home.

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