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Nancy Lieb-Nothstein

Broker Associate
Hi, I am Nancy Lieb-Nothstein of Calhan, CO.  I moved to Colorado with my family in 1964.  I had the pleasure and the memories of seeing Colorado Springs when its major roads were still dirt.  When my father retired from the Army he started his own real estate company.  I hung my license with his company in 1984.  I have been passionate about Real Estate since my earlier years with my dad. What a perfect time in my life to revive those passions once again with Merit Co! My work history has consisted of real estate, sales, insurance, ranching, and law enforcement.  With the broad knowledge I have gained over the years, I strongly believe I can help my clients with any situation they encounter.  I look at Merit Co. as part of my family.  I love the family atmosphere and friendly faces.  I have integrity and my business is built on dedication, determination, communication, and trust.
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