Suburban vs Rural

In today’s showdown, we’ll find out which area to live comes out on top: Suburbs or Rural. This has been a heated debate between homeowners for years. Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region has both suburban and rural areas giving Colorado homeowners a choice. As we discuss each of their own unique strengths and weaknesses we ask you to predict which of two will be our victor.

In the first corner, we have the Suburbs. Typically ideal for people who like to be a part of a community and believe in the saying “Keep your friends close and your neighbors closer.” The suburbs are the communities surrounding cities that are usually made up of single-family homes, but are increasingly including multifamily homes and places like malls and office buildings. Suburban neighborhoods range in size and style but usually all of the houses in the neighborhood are very similar to each other. Some neighborhoods include different commodities such as parks, clubhouses, swimming pool, and fitness areas.

On the opposite side of the ring, we have Rural areas. Also referred to as the country, rural areas are further away from big cities and made up of all of the “outsiders” that don’t fit into the suburban category. There really are no generalizations that can be made about Rural homes. They often have a lot more land and privacy that suburban areas due to the fact that they’re further away from cities. So if you appreciate the quiet and not having to worry about rowdy neighbors partying throughout the night, maybe rural is the winner in your eyes.

So how do we pick a winner? Let’s compare the two. Suburban areas are closer to cities, malls, business, etc. You’re living near a lot more people than you would if you lived in the Rural areas. Rural areas have a lot more privacy and space, and you don’t have to worry about anyone telling you how short you have to keep your grass or how late you’re allowed to party.

Another important thing to consider: which is the best place to raise kids? If you were to visit a suburban neighborhood, it is likely that you’ll find kids out riding their bikes, having nerf gun wars, and playing together. Parents typically feel safe letting their kids go out and play with their friends that live next door. It is also very likely that if you were to go visit someone that lives in a suburban neighborhood that you might think “Wow, when did she get so many kids?”. That is because it is also very common for friends to go back and forth from one kid’s house because he/she has great snacks to another kids house because he/she just got the newest version of their favorite video game.

However, kids living in a rural area often times do not usually have that ability. Sometimes the nearest family with kids is a couple miles away from you. The drive could be worth it though if you have a bigger yard and more room to run around. It’s definitely easier to keep track of your kids when they’re not going from house to house hanging out with each of their friends. Another perk to living in a rural area, you can usually have a lot of things some neighborhoods are forbidden to have. Some examples being trampolines, a garden, swing sets, private pools, and sometimes even pets. This of course depends on the neighborhood and how strict they are, but the nice thing about living in the country is that you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Now that we have went over the strengths and weakness of both types of living, which do you think comes out on top? The Suburbs take a hard hit with lack of privacy. But then deliver a powerful jab injuring Rural areas for not having as much convenience. As we come to an end of the match, it is impossible to choose an obvious winner. It really comes down to which is the best for you and your family.

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