So many time sellers are told what to do to sell their home. Well guess what! What not to do is just as important. The Colorado Springs Real Estate Market currently is very competitive. According to the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors there are 5,839 homes for sale. Total sales year-to-date (through August)  are 5,767. To get a home buyer today, you must keep your house in tip top shape.  Focus on the following so you can be one of the homes sold.

1.      Curb Appeal – Do not allow your house to look in disrepair. This is the first contact a buyer has with your home, when they pull up in front. If the grass isn’t cut, shrubs are growing over, paint is pealing, a buyer could refuse to go into the house. They just sense that if the outside is bad, so is the inside.

2.      Do not be there for the Showing – Many times sellers are so anxious to sell their home, they say too much. Buyers are uncomfortable with talking amongst themselves if the Sellers are in the house. If you must be there wait outside or in your car.

3.      Odors – Do not smoke in the house. The smell of smoke can kill a deal. More than once I have gone into a house with my Buyer and they have immediately turned around and walked out because of smoke or pet odor.

4.      Clutter – Don’t do it. You want the rooms and closets to look as big as possible, put belongings in storage if you must. This applies to shelves and pictures on walls. You don’t want the Buyers looking at your personal items; you want them to think where they are going to place their items.

5.      Let the Light In – Don’t close the drapes and turn off all the lights. Dimly lit homes do not show well. Try to lighten up your home, even if it means repainting some rooms with a lighter color or changing dim light fixtures.

6.      Pets – Don’t let your pets roam the house during a showing. Not only are some Buyers allergic to pets they may be afraid. If you cannot remove the pets during a showing, be sure they are caged.

Just use good common sense. Most of the above items can be corrected without spending much money. Do them before putting the house on the market.

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