6 Red Flags to Look out for Before Purchasing a Home

You may find the home of your dreams, but you’re hesitant to buy it because you’re not sure of any hidden problems that weren’t pointed out by the seller. Before you sign anything and think about closing the deal, you must set up a home inspection! There are so many things that you can’t see, and while a home may look completely updated and gorgeous on the surface, there are many instances in which numerous problems come up behind the wall.

Plumbing, mold, electric wiring, and a weak foundation are just a few of the many things that could be problematic in a home, and they’re each the last issue you want to deal with and pay for.

Before the professional inspector comes to give you the diagnosis, you can do one yourself so that you can find some red flags to ask the professional about, and to make sure he doesn’t miss anything you might have seen.

Here’s how you can thoroughly inspect the home:


In Colorado Springs, many houses have the occasional ant or roach, but if you walk into a home for sale and notice that you’re seeing multiple pests in the short time you’re touring it, you should consider that a problem. Unfortunately, some pests are hidden within the walls of the home, so do your best to keep an eye out for droppings, or places where there seems to be damage from them. Make sure you have a professional do a thorough search as well, especially in the attic and the basement if the home has either.


No matter how sturdy a house may seem, you can pick up on the strength of the foundation by paying attention to the floors, and the walls. If the floors seem to be a bit slanted then either the house is shifting or it was built unevenly. If the walls and ceilings have cracks running through them then there is most likely shifts in the foundation occurring. These are huge red flags that would probably end up costing you thousands of dollars to fix.

Lead Paint

Even though lead paint has been banned from homes since 1978, there are many homes that were built before that time that still have it, as well as newer ones that go against the law. It’s extremely important to check for this, as it can be very damaging to your health.


The most you can do in regards to plumbing as a potential buyer before you sign anything is to turn on all sources of water and make sure all the bath tubs, showers, faucets, etc. work. You’ll definitely need advice from a professional regarding the condition of the pipes. If you notice that the water has a hard time coming out, if the color is off, or the appliances seem rusty and hard to use, that could a be a red flag and may show up as a problem in the home inspection.


While we can have some pretty dry seasons here in Colorado Springs, it’s important to know how the ground surrounding your home, as well as the home itself, handles water. If you notice dark spots on the ceilings and walls, or warped floorboards, than there is most definitely a water problem. Make sure this red flag is determined by a home inspection done by a professional.


Whether you’re touring the home in the winter or summer, both seasons for us can be pretty extreme. It’s important to check out the AC and heating units to ensure that you aren’t purchasing a home with inadequate cooling and heating. If the home is equipped with central air, that’s a huge plus, but if you notice that while you’re touring the home it feels unusually cold, or unbearably hot, then there may be an issue with it that they’re trying to hide.

These are just a few of the many red flags you should look out for before purchasing a home. No matter what, you should always consider a thorough home inspection before you consider making any offers, and you should always take in the advice of professionals regarding how much work the home would need.

With our 40-plus years of experience, we know exactly what to look out for in a home that’s for sale. Our knowledge and expertise provides potential buyers with a peace of mind; knowing that we’ll be completely honest with you about costs, needed improvements and the true quality of a home. Contact Merit Co. today for assistance with your home search!

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